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Leonie Ash


Certified Functional Medicine practitioner

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Human Givens 

Soul Freedom

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Would you like your life to be free from chronic stress and health concerns?

Often, Practitioners like myself become health professionals and passionate in a particular field because we have suffered from the pain and anguish that goes with feeling helpless and out of control because our mind, body and spirit feels broken, and yet, we are unable to find the answers to help repair them.

I have been on a long journey of discovery to unravel the complexities of health and mental issues that are embedded with Childhood Trauma. My process started in my early twenties when life was fundamentally ok, but I was not. I was severely constipated, my energy was poor, I suffered from anxiety and never really felt happy or settled. I could rationalise why these symptoms existed, a broken home etc. but however hard I tried I could not explain or resolve the internal problems I was having. In my search for answers I discovered nutritional therapy and changed my diet, which to my joy improved my energy and gut issues. I was so pleased by its effects, that I decided to qualify so I could help others. I continued to feel reasonably well but anxiety, lack of self-worth and depressed moods continued to haunt me. When I fell in love with my husband in 1999, a Pandora's box of personal challenges was opened and out seeped emotions and fears that rattled me to the core. From then on was a mountain of personal discovery and learning, not only from exploring and resolving my patients concerns, but discovering the dark truth behind my own pain, helping my mother through her journey of Alzheimer’s and alcoholism and unravelling and healing my childhood trauma. I feel blessed that I am now free. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience and greatly enjoy helping others like yourself break free from the heavy burden that emotional memories can bring to your life, by causing havoc, creating and sustaining a myriad of physical and mental health issues.

The therapies I explored and trained in have been valuable pieces to a complex puzzle in resolving Childhood Trauma

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Claire from Devon

I started working with Leonie as I knew there were emotional issues underlying my depression and teeth grinding at night.

Leonie made me feel calm and safe and the work we did was phenomenal.  It stayed with me for a long time after, it was a powerful experience and I felt lots of emotions that I hadn’t felt in a very long time.  I’m not sure what I expected from the session, but what I experienced was profound for me. 

After our session, I definitely felt a shift in my health, both mental and physical.  Releasing all of those feelings in this way have meant I’m able to move on and take on life’s challenges with a new perspective.  

Leonie is a thorough, compassionate professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that every I know go and see her.

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