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Through our consultancy business IHC Ltd, we aim to provide clinical, practical and innovative solutions to your health care related needs. This includes consultations, physical treatments, research, writing, presentations and product development.

Michael Ash BSc(Hons) DO ND FDipION mIOD opened his clinical practice in 1982, developing and building one of the largest integrative medicine clinics in the south west of England. Here, a mix of medical practitioners and complementary practitioners worked as part of a collective team to provide rational, evidence based and evidence informed health care.

In 2006 this clinic was sold to one of the members of this integrated team and in 2007 Michael retired from full time clinical life to concentrate on the evolution of novel and evolving approaches to mucosal immune system therapies. The role of the human digestive tract and it inhabitants, as well as their relationship to altered inflammation control is a rapidly expanding field of scientific research. This new and emerging science provides the opportunity for skilful manipulation of micro and macro nutrients and food concentrates as well as biological and pharmacological therapies to aid in the prevention and resolution of common health problems.

Michael sits on the scientific review committees of companies in Australia, USA and UK assisting with product development and science interpretation and application via the use of non-pharmacological products. Leonie continues to see individuals on a one to one basis and contributes her expertise in the role of nutritional therapies in achieving positive health changes through her technical support work.

How we might help

We offer a mix of clinically relevant services, these include product design, lecturing, article and book contributions, lectures and consultations as well as research.

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