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About Leonie

After I discovered and subsequently qualified in nutritional therapy, I was inspired to explore other modalities. I spent some time studying Iridology with Farida Sharan attending several of her courses, until unfortunately she left the UK. I then went on to train in Reflexology with the British School and Reflexology, qualifying in 1992. I practiced Reflexology while training at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition qualifying in 1996 and practiced in West Sussex until I married in 1999.
I moved to Devon in 1999 where I joined my husband in running a very successful Integrative Health Clinic whilst at the same time helping the process of building a professional supplement and post graduate educational business. I was part of a highly motivated team giving technical advice to practitioners and delivering post graduate education to practitioners. Clinical Education the ‘not for profit’ educational company has bought the world’s leading educational institute for Functional Medicine training courses to the UK (the Institute for Functional Medicine) and has also developed with GP colleagues a unique lifestyle medicine training programme for primary care practitioners.
I have attended numerous post graduate conferences, webinars, and educational events, including 20 years attendance of the Annual International Conference organised by the Institute for Functional Medicine in the USA. Experiences and information gathered here over the years inspired to me to commence further advanced training in functional medicine and in 2020 I qualified as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. During this time I presented at 2019 AIC in which the three days focus was Stress, Pain, and Addiction: Transformative Treatments and Innovative Solutions a ‘poster’ of my journey and how to apply mixed modalities to  resolve childhood trauma and was delighted to receive the People’s Choice Poster Award from my peers and colleagues.
During my journey to recover my health and wellbeing, I was involved both personally and now professionally with Soul Freedom (Journey Therapy). I first discovered this approach to care through seeking help for the ongoing detrimental effects I experienced from my own childhood trauma. I found this to be the most comprehensive and effective therapy in changing automated responses to painful emotional memories. The lady I worked with (Veronica Croft - now retired) enhanced her original training as a Journey Therapist and changed the name to suit its purpose. Veronica also authored the book; The Enneagram - Pathways to Happiness…This ancient wisdom became an integral part in my healing process. She trained a select few in both and I was fortunate to have completed my training in 2012.
I had discovered the ‘Human Givens’ programme and book during my journey and found the structured approach resonated with my own experience in many ways. I returned to this therapeutic process when I felt I had healed from the emotional memories which had been a constant trigger of misery in my life. Although I felt more at peace, I was still unable to move forward in certain areas of my life. 
I decided to embark on part 1 of the course, and having applied this wonderful solution based therapy to myself, I was delighted to discover how quickly it helped me move into a much more positive place. Inspired by this experience I decided to complete the Human Givens Diploma to further my practice skills.

    Institute of Functional medicines 

2019 Annual International Conference

      'Peoples choice poster award'

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Clinic's - Lustleigh, UK & Greyton, South Africa.
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