Microbes and Us

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Over the past several years, studies have revealed an astonishing diversity in our so-called microbiome. A five year project utilising researchers from around the world has been constructed to identify our mutual cohabitants that define our microbiome.[i] In Europe the MetaHIT project has pulled 8 countries and 13 academic partn

Probiotics and Autism

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The role of the gut and its incumbant immune sytem in the development, and management of autism has attracted considerable interest over the last few years. In response to this, I and 4 colleagues wrote a review paper on this subject and It was published in Oct 2011. Entitled; The Potential Role of Probiotics in […]

Bugs, Guts and Research

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For the majority of the last 100 years the role of bacteria in human health has been explored in terms of risk to health and well-being, the ‘bad bug = bad health’ paradigm. The result has been a combination of remarkable benefits against infectious related deaths and a slow but steady development of chronic non […]

Bad Decisions – Due to Fatigue/Loss of Willpower?

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No matter how we approach decisions and how careful we are, some bad ones are made, and others are unnecessarily delayed – organisation, procrastination and fear dominate the thoughts of many paralysed by the thought of completing the decision making task. To complicate this further, there is the little understood effect of

Evidence Informed Decisions

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In clinical practice we are encouraged (often stridently) to pursue evidence based strategies in the management of our patients and clients. This it is claimed is to provide us with the best outcomes and minimise risk – suggesting that the role of the individual clinician should be confined to Data sets and then squeezing the

L-Theanine Reduces Anxiety – Quickly

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L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves. Previous studies of dietary supplements of L-theanine have suggested a therapeutic benefit in reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and improving the quality of sleep. Akiko Higashiyama, from University of Shiga Prefecture (Japan), and colleagues have found that daily L-theanine
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