Oats are Problematic for Some Coeliac’s

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If you have been diagnosed with coeliac or gluten sensitivity then the exclusion of wheat rye and barley will have been established as a vital component of your gluten free future. Oats however, will have been given the all clear due to the absence of the immune activating gluten proteins. Yet some studies have suggested [&helli

Recent Presentation

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The Institute for Functional Medicine held its annual International Symposium in Bellvue Washington State this year (2011). Celebrating its 20th year since founded by Dr Jeff Bland And his wife Susan Bland the conference focused on: The Challenge of Emerging Infections in the 21st Century: Terrain, Tolerance, and Susceptibility

Pass the POO/Medicine

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As many will know if they read the reviews I compile, I have an over 20 year interest in the role of the mucosal immune system (mainly in the gut) and its effects on human health, beyond the local tissues and organs. The gastrointestinal tract is rooted in what is gently chided by the dedicated […]

Is this a Perfect Functional Meal for Mucosal Tolerance?

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Functional and pathological digestive tract conditions reflect a change in the relationship between the host microbiota and the mucosal immune and nervous system. These result in a wide range of distressing symptoms for which there are a variety of strategies, but no single intervention of consistent benefit. A component of pati

Zinc My Cold!

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Nutritional Therapists have long been aware that the role of single nutrient therapy in the prevention or resolution of common rhino Viruses has had poor research conclusions but plenty of anecdotal support. In addition to Vit C Vit D and others the long-time favourite is Zinc. The Cochrane reviews a well-respected albeit confro

Gut Flora, Probiotics and Vitamins A+D – Do they influence Allergy and Autoimmunity.

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Michael Ash BSc, DO, ND FDipION The fields of immunology, microbiology, nutrition, epigenetics and metabolism are rapidly converging utilising a systems biology methodology to explain our intimate relationships with our microbial cohabitants. For over 30 years data has been building to scientifically support the hypothesis that
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