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The Enneagram was discovered in ancient temples and thought to be designed by mathematicians of the time, it depicts an interlocking web of nine patterning qualities that makes up characteristics of our personality


We are all born with innate knowledge within our DNA and a spectrum of these patterning qualities, from which we can use to get our need met.  The ability to learn through recognizing patterns gives us flexibly and the capacity to learn in-order to keep safe and to get our physical and emotional needs met in this ever-changing world.

The Enneagram consists of three centres of intelligence, nine main Enneagram types, 18 wings, three subtypes and triadic styles.

The Enneagram personality we are born with remains our driving force from which we negotiate our environment in-order to obtain our dominating Human needs. Our environment including family relationships and social structure has a huge impact as to whether our personality remains open and fluid or gets compressed into coping mechanisms and behaviours within our spectrum of patterns.

Unfortunately, with the latter, these can become our habitual responses throughout our lives, causing us ongoing problems and pain.

Using the enneagram creates self-awareness and uncovers where we sit with in the spectrum of our patterns of behaviour.

We all have suffered a degree of pain in our early years which has led to either negative beliefs and /or coping strategies. These have the potential of preventing us either succeeding in our desires, having fulfilling relationships, or just feeling happy. Self-exploration can be the first step in personal growth, paving the way to more  understanding for self and others reducing the possibility of emotional unease and hopefully controls feelings of hurt, insecurity, misjudgement or threat as we interact with those around us.

I utilise the Enneagram as part of my knowledge base to see patterns in my patient’s personality, so that I can help them recognise any self-defeating patterns and to establish a clear route forward in therapy.

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I do not offer this as a separate service, but utilise my knowledge to help my patients

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