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A comprehensive range of functional tests are available which includes:

The Sars Cov-2 related pandemic has really highlighted that functional health status and prevention is of paramount importance to our health outcomes.
To achieve optimal health outcomes, individualised assessment and targeted test recommendations can ensure the best personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

Nutritional and broad functional testing

  • Amino Acid Profiles

  • Blood Chemistry Profiles

  • Fatty acid status

  • Organic Acids

  • Vitamin profiles

  • Heavy metals

  • Pyroluria

Genetic Profiles

  • DNA Health

  • DNA Diet

  • DNA Mind

  • DNA Oestrogen

  • DNA Sport

Gut Health

  • Comprehensive Parasitology 

  • SIBO (breath test)

  • Allergy, Food intolerance / Sensitivity testing

  • Intestinal permeability

  • Comprehensive Stool GI360


  • Comprehensive Adrenal Stress              profile including CAR

  • Comprehensive Thyroid + rT3

  • Comprehensive Female Hormone   Assessment

  • Comprehensive Male Hormone Assessment

Cardiovascular health

  • Advanced lipid testing & cardiovascular markers

  • Cardio Metabolic

  • Oxidative stress

Immunology Health

  • Multiple Autoimmune reactivity screen

  • Multiple food immune reactivity screen

  • Neurological Autoimmune Reactivity screen

  • Chemical immune reactivity screen

  • Viral and bacterial titres

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