Michael provides expert, science driven presentations to small and large groups of clinicians throughout the world. He is well known for his science led and patient centered presentations. Michael has the ability to convert complex immunological events into clinical strategies, Lecturingwhilst maintaining accuracy of delivery and constructive humour.

He is available for post graduate lectures in which the interaction between the immune system and human health and function are affected. In particular he deals with the Gastrointestinal Tract and its immune system and systemic interactions.

The fields of immunology, microbiology, nutrition, epigenetics and metabolism are rapidly converging utilising a systems biology methodology to explain our intimate relationships with our microbial cohabitants. For over 30 years data has been building to scientifically support the hypothesis that intestinal cohabitants operate in a collective manner with macro and micro food intakes to shape and define our immune systems from an early age. The result is a collective impact bound by mutual cooperation that may have unintended consequences including a wide range of pathologies. Michael explains these findings in clinical contexts to encourage translational science and clinical outcomes to be seen as a collective exchange of information rather than separate aspects of discovery and treatment.

He also provides presentations concerning practice development and expansion.

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