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Soul Freedom


Soul Freedom as a title of the therapy provided was coined by Veronica Croft when she further developed the healing qualities of Journey Therapy. It is a deep therapy where you are given the opportunity to access your deep conscious in-order to connect with the ‘younger you’ and people associated with your pain.
My training and own experience has given me access to a wide range of psycho-therapeutic tools to safely guide you through this process, so that you can better comprehend and understand events, what was going on in the other persons world and why. As well as the safe opportunity for expression of all that hasn’t been said and needs to be said, so that your soul can forgive and let it go.
This wonderful process also explores your own inner resources, emotional qualities and needs which may have not been accessed at that time, so that they can be sourced and utilised going forward.
Soul Freedom for most, is transformative, and I found this to be the corner stone of my healing from Trauma.
Through my own journey and subsequent experience I still view forgiveness from the soul to be the key to deep healing from trauma. Exploring this narrative when fully conscious does not seem to work in the same way, this is because, to say we have forgiven, is relatively easy and not necessarily true at a deeper level. It is indisputable when you go deep into source and connect with soul, here there is recognition on a spiritual, cellular and energetic level how we truly feel, and when all has been said, explored and understood you can then, and only then  let go and surrender to peace and freedom.

Soul Freedom: Services
Soul Freedom: Client Testimonial
Soul Freedom: Client Testimonials

“No one can expect, after 54 years of struggle with anxiety, hyper-sensitivity, and an inability to put themselves first, to be released from all of this with just one session, or can they?
Well, shortly before my 60th birthday I had such a session with Leonie Ash and after an intense 3 hours which revealed a memory that had been so deeply buried that I had no inkling that it was there, I was freed.
The incredible thing about this form of therapy is that after you have been guided and eased into remembering you are also taken through a process of forgiveness and healing. So, unlike many therapy sessions where you are left trying to deal with the horror when you walk out the door, sometimes for years. This method allows you to express the anger and the hurt, to see the incident from the perpetrator’s point of view and eventually to then forgive and heal.

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