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The Road to better health

Consultation : Welcome

How I can help you?

Striving for Optimum health

Your health should be a main priority in your life, so don’t let it slip through the cracks. I am here to ensure that you stay on the right track to achieving all of your health needs and to find those solutions to often very complex health problems.

Stress related Illnesses

Through my own experience and years of practice, I have found that stress is either at the foundation or is a perpetual driver of health problems. I work with you using all the experience and training I have to break this vicious cycle and return you back to wellness


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's)  causing ongoing life and health difficulties

There is evidence that ACE's contribute to a number of health conditions and a reduction in life expectance if left untreated. By utilising the combination of therapies I offer, we can peel away the burdens effecting your physiological and psychological health


Gastro-intestinal conditions

Stress, poor diet, poor digestion, Food intolerance, sensitivities and allergy, Dysbiosis (bacteria, yeast and parasite) and genetic variations can effect this vital hub of our overall health. By establishing potential causes, by mapping your health history, using appropriate laboratory testing, changing diet and supporting with nutraceuticals we are able to Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair and Rebalance the Gastro-intestinal tract.


Auto-Immune Conditions

Auto-immune resolution is reliant on finding the causative and perpetual drivers of immune activation. This can be due to a myriad of factors including loss of tolerance to foods and environment, stressors, trauma, toxins and genetic variations. The functional medicine approach focuses on looking 'up stream' of a disease process. Then removing the triggers and modulating immune responses with gentle interventions.


Hormonal Imbalances

The functional medicine approach to hormonal imbalances is to tease out all factors that effect how hormones are produced, how they are transported (converted, distributed and interact with other hormones) how well cells respond to hormonal signals, and  how well they are excreted (detoxified).


Cardiometabolic Syndrome (CMS)

Factors that can lead to or exacerbate Cardiometabolic disorders include; stress, ACE'c, poor diet, infections, blood sugar imbalances, lack of movement, toxins and genetic variation. In order to prevent, slow down or even reverse the progression of CMS, a functional medicine approach looks to address these underlying causes using case mapping, functional testing and implementing lifestyle recommendations.


PTSD, Trauma, Phobia's and Addiction

Human Givens has very effective psychotherapeutic tools to help relieve these conditions. Nutritional therapy alongside these deeper psychological therapies helps clients resolve addiction and manage the physiological and psychological aspects of this.

Consultation : Services

What does a Nutritional Functional Medicine Process Involve?

The initial consultation

Book a FREE 15-Minute meeting to establish what approach would be best suited to you

Prior to your first consultation you will be asked to complete a Nutritional Questionnaire, a Timeline of events and illnesses, together with a Food Diary.

The first consultation is an opportunity for us to have a detailed discussion of your health concerns, evaluate your current diet, your relationship with food, lifestyle, and any other contributing factors. We will also explore what you would like to achieve and establish associated goals. After listening to your story, I will be able to join the dots of those contributing factors involved in your health concerns and how we can work together to resolve them for you.

Please allow 1 ½ hours for consultation time and 30-60mins for first recommendations (includes any diet plans).

Fees £125.00 Pro rata 


Once we have agreed a strategy, I will email our outlined plan of action to include Dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, and if requiring further clarification, appropriate test recommendations.

Follow up consultations

To support and monitor your progress and go through any additional test information and to make adjustments as and when needed to your programme.

Follow up consultations vary depending on our agreed strategy.

Allow between 20mins - 1 hour and I usually recommended occasionally two, mostly at four-week intervals as agreed.

Supplements and testing

Dietary and lifestyle changes are the foundation of any recommendations. However, nutraceuticals play an important role in resolving nutritional imbalances, supporting a function, either through genetic variation or supporting a bodily function which may have become inefficient.  It may also be appropriate to utilise laboratory testing to identify suspected food intolerance/sensitivities/allergy, biochemical or ecological imbalances. This can often save time and achieve better results.


Consultation : About

Human Givens and Soul Freedom

Connecting to source to allow deep healing and connection to your inner resources

Psychotherapy from the human givens approach combines proven therapeutic techniques with the most up-to-date psychological knowledge to relieve emotional distress and help you move on with your life as quickly as possible.

Soul Freedom offers a transformational change in your perception to difficult relationships from childhood difficulties and Trauma. 

The first consultation is an opportunity to connect and explore what difficulties you have been having, often i will bring in some relaxation techniques to help you feel immediately better and resilient. we will be able to establish the best route forward for subsequent meetings.

​Allow 90 mins (First consultation)

Allow 30 - 60 mins thereafter for Human Givens Therapy

Allow 2 - 3 hours for Soul Freedom Therapy

Fee Capped at £250.00

Consultation : About

Contact Leonie

Please contact me either for a FREE 15 minute meeting or to schedule an initial consultation.

Clinic's - Lustleigh, UK & Greyton, South Africa.
+ ZOOM 0r Skype

UK +44 (0)1626 882136

SA +27 (0)72 1388 679 (Please text or Whatsapp)

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